Safety for humans who fly

If you are responsible for safety, we make sure you can sleep at night.

Aviation safety officer lady waving
Mini iPad ARC
Safety officer with clipboard
Take the headache out of
manuals and software

This stuff is nobody’s idea of a
good time. Let us handle it for you.

Formalize a culture of safety

Don’t just tick the boxes. Get
everyone on the same screen.

Stay on top of the situation

It’s always better being up-to-date, not just when it’s time for a review.

ARC makes safety simple!

Who can benefit from ARC?

The pilot

Stress is the great equalizer

Maybe there are too many back-to-back flights. Or maybe someone is stressed because their child has the flu. Maintain insights and data on some of the risk factors inherent in any operation.

SMS aviation software for pilot

The FBO supervisor

What else can go wrong?

A key employee resigns on short notice. Another shows up with a broken arm. What could possibly go wrong? This time it was just a catering order that flew off in the wrong aircraft. Next time it could be a little more consequential. See what risks are lurking in your operation.

FBO supervisor ARC

The commercial drone operator

Everything proceeding according to plan

Running a regular pipeline survey, checking for leaks and other hazards after a storm. One of your pilots was completely mission focused until that hot cup of coffee landed right in their lap. Was that a power line they nearly hit? Get out ahead of potential challenges.

Drone pilot ARC

The safety officer

It’s a lot of little things

Getting your team involved to help identify risks is a lot easier with a simple reporting system. Without input from the entire team, chances are a lot of things are slipping through the cracks. This is a Safety Officer’s problem to fix. It could be as simple as getting them to document issues in an SMS tool as they come up.

ARC aviation safety officers

The enthusiastic hobby pilot

When you don’t do it every day, everything is a surprise

Flying is easy until you run into situations you haven’t anticipated or haven’t trained for. It’s getting dark. When was the last time you had your eyes examined? Did you check the weather all along your route? A simple pre-flight risk assessment might be a good idea.

Did we mention ARC is tailored to your needs?

It is completely modular. Buy only what you need.
Available for desktop and iPad.