Partnerships and Integrations

Accelerated Reviews

As an authorized vendor of International Operations Procedures Manuals and Minimum Equipment Lists you benefit from an improved submission process leading to faster reviews and getting back to flying sooner.

“AviationManuals has been a trusted provider of International Operations Procedures and General Operations Manuals for over a decade to operators of Bermuda Registered aircraft in their pursuit of achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. As they expand their portfolio of producing regulatory compliant manuals, the BCAA looks forward to the AviationManuals team continuing to support our operators.”

Easy Upgrades

New full compliance support services for your Proline 21 CPDLC upgrade on select aircraft ensures technical information is shared to simplify the application and approval process.

Accelerated Reviews

Pre-reviewed Minimum Equipment Lists allow for faster approvals so you can be sure your operation continues to run without interruption or loss of time.

As part of the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry’s (IOMAR) service, the Flight Operations Team at the IOMAR have introduce the facility for Operators to submit their MEL Preamble for approval, which saves the operator both time and effort. All MELs for that operator using the Pre-Approved Preamble allows the operator to receive their approval in less time. Whilst the greatest benefit will be for the many operators who have large fleets registered in the Isle of Man, any Operator with more than 1 aircraft can apply to have their MEL Preamble Pre-Approved by the IOMAR. As many operators use an MEL authoring company, the IOMAR is also able to Pre-Approve the Preamble for MEL authors who provide the service to their operators.

As an MEL author, at AviationManuals we have submitted our MEL Preamble for review and it has been Pre-Approved by IOMAR

Expanded Benefits

Take advantage of additional coverage and reduced premiums from engaging in SMS and enjoy the peace of mind that you are fully protected.

“We chose to partner with AviationManuals as they are well known in the industry for providing top notch solutions and customer service for business aviation and FBOs. Their products provide our clients with the tools to maintain a safe and efficient operation.”

Seamless Integration

A seamless integration between ARC SMS and UVGo provides single sign-on and sharing of flight planning parameters reducing duplicate work.

Aligned Training and Procedures

Enjoy the benefits of a close working relationship that ensures the best of international standards are implemented into your procedures, training, and electronic plotting solutions.

Seamless Integration

Take advantage of this close partnership to further simplify your LOA application process by ensuring your international flight planning complies with FAA and ICAO requirements.

“At Signum Aviation, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of award-winning service for all our clients. From our first encounter, it was clear that AviationManuals delivers the highest level of service and professionalism. Working with AviationManuals on many client projects, we are absolutely confident that our companies are working with the same ethos of the highest level of service and excellence and would without any hesitation recommend them.”