If You’re a Customer, You Have Access. Check Out Your New ARCdocs

Are you a member of the AviationManuals community? Don’t miss out on your benefits.
Subscribers and customers who made purchases within the last 12 months all have access to the ARC Safety Management platform.

We are always working to improve ARC and most recently we overhauled one of the major modules, ARCdocs.

Here are some of the key changes we made in our latest update and the best way for you to leverage them to make your life easier.

New Look

The module has been given a more intuitive look that is easier than ever to use and navigate. The new look is better aligned with best practices making file management effortless.

You can use ARCdocs to manage all the files for your operation, not just your procedures documents and Letters of Authorization. It’s already included in your services with us, so why not? Save money and replace your other paid solutions.

We’ve seen operators use it to manage items like:

Reference and Training Files

  • Training syllabi and course outlines
  • Training videos and presentation files
  • Reference documents such as FAA InFO letters, BCAA OTACs, ICAO Annexes, and white papers
  • Passenger reference materials including passenger preference profiles
  • User manuals and guides for equipment and systems you may be using

Department Files

  • Vendor contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Contractor agreements
  • Safety Meeting minutes and notes

Backup Records

  • Backup copies of closed flight plans and Master Documents
  • Record of RVSM height monitoring results
  • Backup data files from other systems used within your department

Bulk Actions

You can now apply actions to multiple files, including uploading, downloading, deleting, and moving. This will make file management much faster, so it is easy for you to stay organized.

Operators already storing files in ARCdocs will find it faster to upload items like:
– Training records
– Internal company forms
– Trip forms including receipts and accounting files
– Files you need to send to AviationManuals

Quick Access

There are some files you use all the time and now you can keep folders with these files pinned to the top of your window for easy access. The simple drag and drop function allows you to organize the folders in a way that best suits your department’s needs.

Based on operator feedback, some suggestions for Quick Access folders include:
– Procedures documents
– Procedural checklists for activities like ground handling and international operations
– Commonly used aircraft-specific files, organized by type or tail
– Aircraft-Specific EFB folders
– SAFA items

Need more help or have questions? Contact us any time at info@aviationmanuals.com or 240-546-4030.