The Most Common Risks Operators Face Day to Day
[+ Free Guide] and What to Do About Them

The Most Common Risks Operators Face Day to Day [+ Free Guide]

Thousands of Risk Assessments are submitted to ARC every year. We’ve taken a look at the top 10 selected risk factors flight departments are facing and how to mitigate them. How do these compare to your top 10 factors and subsequent mitigations?

How to Mitigate Risk

  1. Identify
    Complete a risk assessment to identify the primary hazards.
  2. Assess Impact
    A good risk assessment tool will do this for you automatically. It should have a set risk value for each factor previously determined by your team, automatically tally the risk score, and notify you when you have reached a medium or high-risk level.
  3. Mitigate
    Assess any elevated risk values against the department’s SOPs for guidance on implementing mitigations due to higher risk levels. There are four key strategies to mitigate risk:

      1. Avoid
        Eliminate the risk.
      2. Transfer
        Share or transfer the risk to another party.
      3. Reduce
        Implement actions to help reduce the likelihood or impact of the risk.
      4. Accept
        Accept the risk as is, but carefully monitor it.

Top 10 Selected Flight Risk Factors

10. Duty Day Issues Related to the
Timing of Trips and Circadian Rhythm
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9. Precipitation and Storms

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8. Nighttime and Twilight Operations

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Curious to learn how to mitigate those risks and see the full list?

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