Product Updates: July 2021

It’s hard to believe we are half way through 2021. Make sure you are getting the most out of your ARC, by checking out all the new updates and features that were released in the first half of the year.

Recent Updates


A brand new module with step by step guides.

Wondering how to do something in ARC or if a particular function is available? Check the help center. Search for a specific question or topic or browse the articles. Topics are geared toward all ARC users including those with administrative permissions and we are continually updating this module with additional guides.


Your new and improved home dashboard.

You may have already noticed the new look, but we have also added a whole new set of features and functions that you don’t want to miss. Administrators can fully customize the home dashboard for their company, by selecting which sections should be visible. Newly added sections to the dashboard are the metrics, recent documents, and custom content. These will give you at-a-glance oversight of the latest and most important trends occurring in your department the moment you log in. Additionally, you want to regularly check the News section as we will be posting the latest in regulatory and international operations updates and expert guidance on operations and safety that may impact your department.


Reopen a closed audit or discrepancy.

Mistakes, changes, an item needing further review. Things happen and you may find you need to reopen an audit or discrepancy to add additional notes, make a change, or just open it back up for re-auditing. This functionality will allow you to have full control over the status of your audits.

Co-auditors can add comments to audits.

Audits may be assigned to more than one person to complete. Co-auditors may share in the execution of that audit with one person checking one element and the other checking another element. This new feature improves teamwork as each co-auditor can directly input their findings into the task rather than it being the responsibility of a single person.

Audit tasks can be saved as drafts.

With the new “Save Comments” button, you can now progressively work on a task as it fits into your schedule. For multi-step audit tasks, you can add findings as you work through the item and return to update the task with additional findings later.

Check out these updates for yourself!


If you don’t have the ARC App yet, be sure to download it.