Product Updates: October 2020

In an effort to ensure you are always up to date on the latest additions, improvements, and changes to your ARC system, we’ve started our new Product Updates series. We will show you the new features available to you now, as well as the exciting upcoming releases.

Recent Updates

ARCrisk: Approval Process

This latest ARCrisk module update was developed following a request from the U.S. Armed Forces. The new functionality gives supervisors better oversight over their operations and the safety of the department, by allowing for an automatic approval process customized to your department.

How does it work?

The process is easy and the system will automatically move the assessment through the steps you design.

  1. Complete a risk assessment as you normally would.
  2. If the assessment reaches a medium or high value the process to initiate Review and Approval begins.
  3. The assessment is sent to a supervisor, who will get an automatic notification to Review and Approve, or Reject it.
  4. Depending on your department your flow may allow for additional advances, in which case supervisors can move the assessment further up the supervisor chain as needed.
  5. Once the assessment has been approved or rejected the submitter and all people involved will automatically receive an alert.

Haven’t set up your customized flow yet? Schedule a quick call to get started.


Permissions for this module have expanded, based on customer requests. Realizing that some submissions may contain sensitive information, you now have the ability to add restrictions on who can perform searches on submitted reports. Like other functions within ARC if a user does not have permission to search the forms then the search page will simply not appear for them.

You can have this function set up for you by contacting support or your account rep.


As part of our process to continually make ARC easier to use we have added new buttons to ARCdocs for uploading documents and folders. This removes the extra step of needing to click on the gear icon.


This module is growing rapidly and should continue to do so for some time. The most recent changes were the addition of new one touch metrics parameters. The filters for all metrics now have preset quarterly and annual views that you can select from. Additionally, the ability to see live metrics from the current month is now available.


Logging in is easier than ever. You no longer need to remember a user name, you can now just use your email and your password to login.

Upcoming Updates

ARCreport: Tagging and Updated Look

Note, final design and functions may vary


Staying true to our value that SMS should always be tailored to your department, the biggest upcoming change for forms will be the addition of Tagging. This will allow you to customize the data you want to capture and how you organize it. Currently the only factors you can assign to forms are fixed contributing factors such as Human, Technical, Operational, etc. The new system will allow you to create custom tags, such as aircraft, operation type, weather, etc. Additional upcoming ARC updates will take full advantage of this by allowing you to pull custom data based on the tags you create.

Additionally, the forms interface is being redesigned to allow for forms with a cleaner visual appearance which should make them easier to use. It will also give more flexibility to forms so they can be developed with multiple fields across the page instead of all in line.

ARCmetrics: Expansion and New Interface

Note, final design and functions may vary


Like ARCreports, ARCmetrics is also getting a face lift, but this one includes a fully updated interface and improved icons which will make the module even easier to use and faster to load. You may have caught on by now, but we are in the process of phasing in interface updates across the software. It’s going to be like moving from those steam gauges to a full flat panel touchscreen flight deck.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all cosmetic. An update to the heart of metrics is also on the horizon. The current stock metrics are expected to be expanded to include at least five new metrics giving you even more insight into your operation. A permission system is also being added so management can restrict the visibility of certain metrics to select individuals.