How To Streamline Your Operations While Boosting Safety

Find out about the many advantages of SMS software

A medium-size business aviation operator was noticing two seemingly unrelated issues recurring on a regular basis. The first was hangar rash. The planes were getting scratched or dinged when the pilots hangared the aircraft, causing the maintenance crew to complain that the pilots needed to be better trained.

The second issue was that the post-flight forms for dispatchers were not being filled in correctly. The dispatchers thought the pilots were being lazy or disrespectful.

Looking at the data generated by their safety management system (SMS) software, the operator realized that these issues always occurred after the same long flight. It turned out that these issues were very much related due to the crew being fatigued. The solution was not to further train the pilots, but to let the maintenance crew hangar the aircraft, and to give the pilots an extra day to complete the paperwork for the dispatchers.

The more you’re involved with safety – and the Safety Management Systems in your operation – the more SPIs can be meaningful to you. With SPIs, organizations can nurture a performance-based safety management.

Simplify SMS

While many flight organizations use a paper-based safety management system (SMS), they are missing out on a host of advantages to be found in a digital system. A software-based system can make it so much easier for you to handle risk management, track and follow up on issues, pick out patterns and pull analytics, to help you determine the root causes of issues, like the operator in the Midwest.

The concept behind SMS software is to facilitate observing risk factors and then analyze and take action to improve your operations. The key is getting ahead of the game to avoid risky behavior. This requires SMS software that gives you the ability to prompt the required change in your operations.

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ARC is the answer

Using SMS software does not have to be cumbersome, tedious or time-consuming. In fact, our ARC aviation safety management software is designed to streamline and improve your operations, manage risk and make your life easier. It’s easy to use, customizable, and much more affordable than you might think.

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