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If You’re a Customer, You Have Access. Check Out Your New ARCdocs
The world is finally opening up again, but we cannot forget about how for the past 18 months many of us stayed grounded. With lack of recency it is imperative that operators start preparing now so they will have the time, options, and the know-how to handle the unexpected and to ensure a safe and smooth trip.
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What you should learn from the Kobe Bryant accident
In January of 2020 a helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant and eight others flew into IMC during a VFR flight leading to its crash and the death of all souls onboard. Among the NTSB’s probable causes they cited that a contributing factor was an “inadequate review and oversight of its [the operator’s] safety management processes.” 
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Safety is in the Small Stuff
The NTSB’s 2021-22 MWL for aviation features a desire for Safety Management Systems (SMS) for all “revenue passenger-carrying aviation operations.” Find out why this will not be disruptive to operators, but rather help them monitor the small stuff and uncover hidden risks.
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Product Updates: July 2021
Discover the latest improvements and additions to the ARC system in our Product Update Series. We will also share exciting upcoming releases to be available for our ARC users in the near future.
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